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IT Professionals taking charge of their career with better communication and leadership skills.

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About Us

The IT Management Co-Op is a community founded by IT professionals with a commitment to helping peers within the disciplines of IT Asset Management (ITAM), Software Asset Management (SAM), and Configuration Management (CMDB). IT professionals are practitioners and consultants who oversee, contribute, analyze, manage, design, plan, implement, consult, and/or support the ITAM, SAM, and/or Configuration Management discipline(s) within an organization.

Why You Should Join Us

To be amongst peers that can relate to the stress and constraints you have every day. 

This is THE PLACE where IT Professionals (practitioners and consultants) learn how to: 
     • apply their industry credential(s), 
     • learn new ways to solve problems, 
     • share ideas and experiences, and 
     • collaborate with peers on how to excel within their role.

Resulting in a member's ability to: 
     • accelerate the application of learned skills, 
     • confidence in one's own capabilities, and
     • clarity of one's own next steps.

 Each member finds that their membership helps them excel within their role(s), regain time within their busy schedule, and realize that they do not need to go through this journey alone.

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Our Secret Sauce . . .

Meet the Founders

The IT Management Co-Op founders and Community Leaders have 200+ years of experience in the areas of IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and/or Configuration Management. 

We are THE ONLY organization 100% IT professional-focused
 (IT practitioner and consultant) membership community without vendor influence. 

ITMC fosters mentorship, open collaboration, masterminds, webinars, enablement sessions, and a library of resources to help members gain confidence, apply their industry training(s) in new ways and be leaders within their field. 

Our Negative:
We exclude applicants with vendor or solution provider sales and marketing roles.
 This is to curtail those unwanted vendor solicitations to members. 
Oh, wait, that allows members to discuss topics openly! THAT'S A POSITIVE!!!

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The Executive Team

Bill "Mr. Bill" Talbot 

Scott M. Young
Vice President

Bill Turman


Bruce Aboudara

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